Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moving Day

On December 14, 2007, I had an altercation with a student that closely resembled a scene that had played out a seventh grade classroom in 1991. I couldn't believe that years after that first event, I had been insensitive as a teacher again. I was so distraught I decided to write about it, to try to work through it the best way I know how - in words. That day I wrote my first ever blog post on The Dream Teacher blog. A week later I wrote about some student holiday gifts that touched me so much. Those students will be seniors in high school next year, and I'm so glad I have the stories to remind me of their sweet middle school days.

I have been fortunate to have so many of you read my posts over the past four and a half years. The teacher stories keep popping in my head, and as long as someone besides my mother reads them, I'll keep writing. (Heck, I'll keep writing as long as my mother keeps reading, even if she's the only one...) But today I'm writing to announce that we've moved. My Dream Teacher blog is now on my website, and I hope you'll follow me there. I really want to take my virtual friends with me. 

Head on over to and check out what's going on from time to time. I still have more stories to share...