Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Day!

Christmas brought the gift of snow this year, not a commonplace occurrence in the South. Being trapped inside (I'm not much of a sledder or skater or bundle-er-upper), brings the opportunity to read and write, activities that have to be pushed aside during regular life routines. I've pulled out some "snow pieces" that I've written in the past couple of years. Maybe this year's snow will inspire me to write some more....

This one won me a fourth place nod one year in the Carolina Women's Writing Contest:


"There's snow on the beach,"

he announced, walking in.

I turned to see him,

a mixture of ice shaving on eyelash,

salt spray on skin,

and, somehow, the words don't connect -


the two images in an abrasvie refusal

to meet as one.

I looked at him...puzzled...

seeing pictures of a younger man

by the ocean,

forgotten images

working to share

the same scrapbook

with this picture, this man,

the one with the snow peppered hair.

The image now warms me -

snow - and - beach.

Morning Snowbird

A bird

was heard.

Snow was falling


Snow was falling.

Bird was calling,

making spring-like


Making spring,

flapping wings;

Bird protests the


Bird protests;

I can't rest.

I'll just get up and


(That one is a true story about a bird waking me up a few winters ago...)

Precipitation Alliteration

spring brings

luminous lightning,

threatening thunder,


rhythmic rain.


winter brings


the weather whisperer.

(I hope you all are enjoying the quiet of snow today. Take some time to read...and write!)

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Sioux Roslawski said...

I love the phrase "the weather whisperer."

I have some writing to do tonight. Reading your pieces gave me a nudge. Thanks.